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Peter Schiff Calls the Financial Crisis Starting in 2006

Posted by ep on Friday, November 14, 2008, 13:16
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Below is a YouTube video of Peter Schiff battling with various talking heads about the direction the economy is headed. I have to give the man credit for both being dead on right and also not losing his cool as people mocked him for thinking we were headed into financial turmoil. Special credit goes to Ben Stein for insisting that Merrill Lynch was a steal at $75 (today trading at $12.98) and the guy who loved Bear Sterns and Washington Mutual. As a friend said after forwarding this, “Note to self: Don’t listing to talking heads”.

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1 Response to “Peter Schiff Calls the Financial Crisis Starting in 2006”

  1. LaterSkater
    14 November, 2008, 18:25

    Freakin’ amazing. I wonder if he’s always doom and gloom, just really knew about the real estate financial angle, or this is the one time he’s ever been right. He looks like a god in this video, and the rest of the guys look like idiots. Remind me never to listen to financial advisors on TV.

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