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A Country of Purple

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Posted by ep on Sunday, November 16, 2008, 8:42
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Mark Newman from Physics department at the University of Michigan took the time to create some interesting visualizations of the election data.  The goal was to provide a  graphic that better reflects the actual vote in the country.  Here are a couple examples below, for the rest visit his site at:

The below map uses a range of color from red to blue with multiple shades of purple to indicate the percentage of how people vote in counties across the country.

Here is the same information in the form of a cartogram where the size of the county has been resized to reflect the population located there.

This map uses a color scale that ranges from red for 70% Republican or more, to blue for 70% Democrat or more. This is sort of practical, since there aren’t many counties outside that range anyway, but to some extent it also obscures the true balance of red and blue.

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