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Adopt a kitty

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Posted by admin on Tuesday, September 23, 2008, 11:05
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I figured we could use a break from politics and number crunching.  For you animal lovers out there, here is a kitty that is up for adoption. 

Thank you Mr. Moore for the link.

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5 Responses to “Adopt a kitty”

  1. 23 September, 2008, 13:05

    I don’t like cats but that cat I WANT! LOL

  2. Grady
    23 September, 2008, 13:11

    LOL youth in asia

  3. TicaAngel00
    24 September, 2008, 0:13

    LOL. That cat must be related to the stray cat at the Mirons that beat up Justin and Chris. RIP “Boots”

  4. 25 September, 2008, 2:23

    Good thing the cat got away…

  5. 29 January, 2016, 6:13

    Respect to article author, some wonderful entropy.

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