Tuesday, June 2, 2020 6:16


Editorializing and conjecture has it’s place but so does sifting through all the noise and getting down to the facts. These posts try to present the facts without agenda or bias and include all reference able sources.

Why we Need the Bailout
I think there are a lot of questions out there centering on why we need a bailout and ‘why can’t we let the market sort all of these things out’? I realize this is an extreme analogy, but that would be similar to letting cancer work itself out. This well researched post tries to explore the reasons we need to fix this crisis before it affects the rest of the economy.
Why are we in this Financial Crisis
The punch line of all the research is that there are several parties and institutions who share the blame for this crisis. I group my findings into bullet points in three main categories of the offenders: Government, Regulators, The Market.
Facts About the McCain and Obama Tax Plans I think there is a lot of confusion around the candidate’s proposed tax plans. Because of this I took the time to do the research and compile just the facts about the plans. The post includes the findings along with the sources.
Economic Performance by Party in the White House The Republican and Democratic parties each have a brand that helps to define what people believe they represent. One of the strong Republican brand attributes is the notion that their policies are good for business. I was curious to see if the economy’s performance under Republican administrations outperformed the economy’s performance under Democratic administrations and supported the claim.
What HAS Sarah Palin done? A lot has been said about what Sarah Palin has or has not done, some of it conflicting. Personally I wanted a clear picture and thought others might as well. I used over 20 sources, all listed for those who want more details. The goal of the post is to present facts about her life without applying any bias.
Does Experience Really Matter A lot has been made of the importance of experience in this campaign and I was wondering how important a factor experience really is in the performance of Presidents. Using the rankings from a 2005 Wall Street Journal poll I performed and analysis on several dimensions. The .xls is included for users to download, review and update.
Does Age Really Matter After doing the analysis of experience I was curious if age has an impact on Presidential performance. This is an analysis based on the same rankings used to do the analysis of experience.Again the .xls is included.