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Love Those Success Stories

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Posted by ep on Tuesday, September 23, 2008, 21:29
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Today I am going to see my financial advisor, he will inform me I will not be able to retire until I’m in my 70’s and that my kids are going to go to public school.

In other news the good folks at Lehman Brothers will be dispensing over $2.5bln in bonuses this year to their New York staff.  Click here for more info: Lehman giving bonuses.

I plan on making a few posts regarding the proposed $700bln bailout once I finish my research.  In the mean time I can give one update.  The bill is currently stalled in Congress due to Republican and Presidential resistance to limiting the bonuses and golden parachutes of companies the government ‘bails out’.  I’m beginning to think these leadership boards have Drew Rosenhaus representing them.

Sources: Dems push for executive compensation limits in bailout

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15 Responses to “Love Those Success Stories”

  1. 24 September, 2008, 7:01

    My retirement picture isn’t looking great but I’ve gone to a total cash system….yes, one of those Dave Ramsey followers but it’s working. No credit cards and saving more than I have in my entire life. Your kids don’t have to go to public school…it can be done.

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