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More from Sarah and Katie

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Posted by ep on Thursday, October 2, 2008, 22:15
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Here are some highlights

  • Sarah can’t name a news source she uses to stay informed
  • She doesn’t support the morning after pill
  • She doesn’t support abortion in the case of rape
  • She is Folksy!

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6 Responses to “More from Sarah and Katie”

  1. Buster23
    3 October, 2008, 21:04

    What could any honest and reasonable person have to complain about that video. Katie was insinuating that Alaskans are out of touch with the rest of the world. Katie! get a clue, she reads the same biased crap the rest of us have to slog through. What you don’t think they read in Alaska? Katie, your eliteism is showing.

    The morning after pill condones bad behavior. Why should anyone condone bad behavior? It removes risk from the human equation. It may kill the embryo, but dog gone it… score one for STDs! More moral relativism.

    Why is that poor child continully being raped by her father? Let Katie tell it, those are the only babies that deserve to die. Sarah, tell her you will compromise, save the 1.5 million aborted boys and girls every year and abort only the babies of incestous rape victims.

    I will take folksy over snob, any day. We need real,likeable, common sense people in Washington. We have created a ruling class in America. We have had enough Presidents who went to Harvard and Yale. They are what is wrong with America. let’s give the USNA, and UI a chance. They can’t do any worse than what we have had.

  2. 4 October, 2008, 0:13

    RE: morning after pill/abortion
    Those are Gov. Palin’s beliefs and it is clear that Katie Couric feels differently. You can find people on either side of the debate — so I don’t find it useful to slam Palin on that issue.

    RE: staying informed
    This part of the clip is what Palin should be embarrassed about. She could not even list one paper or news source that she follows. How hard is that to come up with? I don’t believe Couric was trying to be elitist by pressing the issue. Any informed person would be able to answer that - and it is disturbing that Sarah could not. Palin was just playing the victim card to distract us.

    RE: Palin and her “I have a Best Friend that is Gay” remark.
    Really? Come on. How cliche…

  3. 4 October, 2008, 0:36

    I’m not sure if the question was designed to disparage Alaska. Personally, I think the question was asked because of Sarah’s ignorance of the Bush Doctrine, as evidenced in this interview ( Either way, the question could easily have been answered by saying, “Fox News, CNN, BBC, Time, etc”.

    I don’t want to delve too deeply into the abortion issue in the comments because I think it is deserving of an entire post. However I will say it is an issue I struggle with personally because I don’t think it is purely a black and white decision. Even if I held a strong position on abortion it doesn’t make my top five issues for this election. I’m focused on the economy, education, energy and foreign policy.

    I would be interested to understand why you feel Obama is a snob. To me it feels to me like the snob label often gets applied to people who have invested a lot of hard work to become well read, well studied and well educated. It boils down to an attempt to make the word “Intellectual” a derogatory term.

    I love the ‘Gay Friend’ comment…I bet Sarah also has a black friend and maybe even a Latino one too.

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