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Preview of what the debates might look like

Posted by ep on Thursday, October 2, 2008, 15:15
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Tonight’s debates are supposed to take the form of more of a side-by-side interview rather than a debate.  So there is a good chance it might look something like this:

While you are watching the debate tonight, please enjoy Palin Bingo.  By the way, Palin Bingo can also be used as a drinking game.

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4 Responses to “Preview of what the debates might look like”

  1. Antigrammatik
    2 October, 2008, 15:59

    ARGH! It makes my brain hurt!

  2. LaterSkater
    2 October, 2008, 16:36

    Holy crap. It’s like she’s channeling an adolescent version of George Bush.

  3. sethmissile
    2 October, 2008, 16:47

    I may end up gouging out my eyes and ears before I actually get BINGO. Is there some sort of compensation for that worked into the bailout bill?

  4. 18 June, 2015, 20:42

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