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Register to vote, so you can bitch about politics.

Posted by ep on Monday, September 15, 2008, 21:05
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If there is anything I hate more than a dry wedding reception it is people who don’t vote.  Even worse are people who don’t vote AND complain about politics or the process. 

I LOVE to complain, in fact half the reason I vote is just so I can feel justified bitching about politics.  That said, I don’t care if your views are different than mine I still want as many people involved in the process as possible.  The deadline to register to vote is approaching so I thought I would post a reminder along with some links. 

Voter registration sponsored by Obama’s campaign
Voter registration sponsored by McCain’s campaign
Rock the Vote

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12 Responses to “Register to vote, so you can bitch about politics.”

  1. Teppish
    16 September, 2008, 1:24

    what about people who don’t vote nor bitch about it? like a mutual portly friend of ours?

  2. admin
    16 September, 2008, 2:46

    He gets double taxed. For no other reason than it would piss him off more than most.

  3. 16 September, 2008, 3:27

    the electoral college is neither

    just thought I would submit my gripe.

  4. 16 September, 2008, 11:12

    i’m glad you post this, i SO agree, it pisses me off as well, but not as much as the same sorry, lame-ass excuse i always hear people (some, regrettably, are my lame friends) say:

    “i’m not registered/voting because the government doesn’t care about me and my opinions so they wont count my vote anyways, so why bother”

    i say:
    you’re right your opinion doesn’t matter…and neither do you, because you didn’t vote…get it?

  5. Teppish
    16 September, 2008, 23:40

    tj - that’s exactly what our portly friend says…. how funny…

  6. LaterSkater
    17 September, 2008, 2:55

    I know a bunch of younger folks who don’t register to vote because they don’t want to get called for jury duty. However, once you buy a house, you’re hosed for that anyway, so you may as well vote…

  7. Ms. Jeley
    17 September, 2008, 6:38

    Whoever doesn’t vote this round will need to keep their traps shut . . . no political bitching. If you don’t care enough to vote, than you obviously shouldn’t care enough about the resultant policies.

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