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The Best Candidate Comparision Site I Have Seen

Posted by ep on Friday, October 10, 2008, 7:31
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Below are some excerpts from the best candidate comparision site I have yet to see.  This is just a little bit of what you can find on the site, I encourage everbody to check it out.  Thank you LaterSkater for sending this site to me.

Who is winning

The presidential election is decided by a majority of electoral votes. Below left is a plot over time of the estimated number of electoral votes for Obama if the election were held today. Below right is a plot of the popular vote (but note that as demonstrated in 1876, 1888 and 2000, winning the popular vote does not mean winning the election). You might also want to consult, Real Clear Politics, 538,, or my own election dashboard.


How honest or dishonest are they

Probably the best referee in this game is, from UPenn’s Annenberg Political Policy Center, a nonpartisan nonprofit consumer advocate for voters. They don’t give out easily classified scores so I can’t summarize briefly, but you can read a comrehensive article from Sept. 25 listing the major whoppers so far.

Other players in this game include CNN’s Fact Check and the St. Petersburg (FL) Times, an independent non-profit paper, which runs PolitiFact. They too check on candidates statements and rate them on a scale from “True” to “Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire.” Here is the scorecard so far. My column “True Pct” means the percentage of statements that were rated True, Mostly True, or Half True; “Lie Pct” means the percentage that were False or Pants on Fire:

Candidate True Mostly
False Pants
on Fire
Obama 42 25 23 15 20 1 71% 17% Mostly True
McCain 25 22 19 24 23 6 55% 24% Half True

Here’s the list of statements that were rated as Pants On Fire:

  1. McCain said Obama wanted to teach comprehensive sex education to kindergartners. He doesn’t.
  2. McCain said Obama called Sarah Palin a Pig. He didn’t; he used the same expression that McCain has used in the campaign.
  3. McCain said Obama wants to increase government by 23%. The numbers don’t add up.
  4. McCain said Obama opposes energy innovation. Not true.
  5. McCain said the price of a gas tax holiday would be about the same as a “Bridge to Nowhere.” It would actually take 45 times the cost of the bridge.
  6. McCain said that Obama suggested bombing Pakistan. Obama was actually talking about attacking al-Qaeda forces that stray into Pakistan.
  7. Obama implied that Rush Limbaugh’s anti-immigrant views were endorsed by McCain. They aren’t.

What do special interest groups think

About what you’d expect: conservative groups like McCain, liberal groups like Obama.

One surprise: more veterans groups like Obama better. It seems that when it comes to issues of veteran care, McCain prefers to cut government spending and Obama prefers to support the veterans even if it means increased spending.

Caveat: they’re called special interest groups. That’s because they have special interests. Don’t assume that a group represents your interests because it has the word Family in its title and you belong to a family, or because it has the word Retired and you’re retired. Be sure to check out each group.

  McCain Obama Year
American Conservative Union 82 8 2007
Americans for Democratic Action (Liberal group) 10 75 2007
National Journal - Liberal on Economic Policy 35 87 2007
National Journal - Liberal on Foreign Policy 40 85 2007
National Journal - Liberal on Social Policy 53 77 2007
Disabled American Veterans 20 80 2006
Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America D B+ 2006
NARAL Pro-Choice America 0 100 2007
National Right to Life Committee 75 0 2007
Americans for Tax Reform 80 15 2006
Citizens for Tax Justice 50 100 2005-2006
Civil Rights:
American Civil Liberties Union 50 80 2007
Human Rights Campaign 33 89 2005-2006
NAACP 7 100 2005-2006
League of Women Voters 17 100 2007
American Association of University Women 0 66 2007
National Education Association F A 2007
Campaign for America’s Future (Energy Policy) 17 100 2005-2006
League of Conservation Voters 0 67 2007
League of Conservation Voters 26 96 Lifetime
Environment America 0 90 2008
American Wilderness Coalition 16 100 2006
Children’s Defense Fund 10 70 2007
Family Research Council (Tony Perkins) 42 0 2007
Citizens for Global Solutions F A 2008
The Genocide Intervention Network–Darfur Scores C A 2007
Center for Security Policy 59 21 2005-2006
Government Reform:
U.S. Public Interest Research Group 41 86 2006
Citizens Against Government Waste 91 13 2005-2006
National Rifle Association C+ F Lifetime to 2004
American Academy of Family Physicians 0 100 2007
AFL-CIO 0 100 2007
United Auto Workers 0 62 2007
Alliance for Retired Americans 0 100 2007
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10 Responses to “The Best Candidate Comparision Site I Have Seen”

  1. 10 October, 2008, 10:25

    If McSenile was able to remember more than one or two lies a day, his le ratings would go WAY up. Caribou Barbie may be stupid, but she can remember how to tell a whole wheel of lies when they’re drilled into her head.

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