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The Obama Tax Cut

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Posted by ep on Saturday, September 20, 2008, 12:13
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The following site has an application that estimates if you can expect a tax cut and how much that tax cut might be.  Obviously this is a rough idea of what the change to your taxes might be.

Thank you TicaAngel for the forward

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2 Responses to “The Obama Tax Cut”

  1. Hyperboles
    20 September, 2008, 20:52

    This is actually pretty cool . . . thanks for posting it.

  2. Sharon
    23 October, 2008, 8:59

    It is a cool calculator, but the site itself is misleading. I just did it and in big red letters it showed the tax cut if Barack Obama wins, in the finer print it shows the tax cut under John McCain. It’s easy to miss if you don’t read the page. McCain’s tax cut gave us back an additional $2000 over Obama’s. Thanks

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