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Tom Daschle Steps Aside

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Posted by ep on Tuesday, February 10, 2009, 22:35
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I think Tom Daschle was uniquely qualified to lead health care reform in this country.  He knows how Washington works, he knows all the players both in the industry and in government and has been around long enough to accumulate favors owed from both sides.  There probably isn’t a more qualified person in the country for that position.

That said, I’m glad he isn’t getting the post in the White House.

Making a mistake on your taxes, especially as it relates to riding around in a car and thinking it was free is understandable.  Dashle’s long track record as a legislator should negate any concern over his short stint as a lobbyist.

These are legitimate arguments and I was expecting the Obama White House to make them.  Especially considering that Daschle was one of Obama’s earliest supporters and clearly owed some debt of gratitude.  However, this administration said that it was going to try to set a higher standard.  That they weren’t going to have one set of rules for them and another for everybody else.  So I was surprised and heartened to see Daschle remove his name to keep the potential of those principles alive (for now).

Being a pragmatist you also have to be happy to see him step down.  Even if he was the most qualified person for the job, the controversy around his nomination would have crippled his effectiveness.

On the lighter side, here is one of Dashle’s campaign adds when he was in Congress.  As the friend who forwarded it to me said “That car is made of pure irony” (thanks LaterSkater).

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