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Why I am voting for Obama- The Potential for Greatness

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Posted by ep on Monday, November 3, 2008, 13:36
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All of our greatest Presidents have one undeniable thing in common from which their greatness was derived.  It was not their policies, it was not their politics, it was not their economic philosophies.  It was their ability to inspire us, to demand that we not only have big dreams but the ability and the obligation to fulfill those dreams.

Jefferson, Washington, Lincoln, FDR, Kennedy, Reagan all shared this quality.  The ability to remind us, that we are Americans before we are conservatives or liberals.  To remind us there are common ideals that we all agree on.  To remind us that we have a shared destiny and more in common than we have separating us.
From this foundation our greatest Presidents were able to forge a country, to abolish slavery, to save the Union, to navigate us through a depression, to lead us to victory in a World War, to put Americans on the moon, to defeat communism and make us believe in ourselves again.  Nothing great has ever been achieved in this country or anywhere else without that type leadership.

Only one of the candidates running now has the potential to bring us together to do such great things.  Only one candidate now has the ability to inspire us as a country to work harder, sacrifice more and believe we will have a better future because of it.

It is clear that Obama has this potential.  You can see it in the size of the crowds that come to hear him speak in places ranging from Arizona to Florida to New York to Berlin.  You can see it in the millions of people he has inspired to become engaged in the political process for the first time or the first time in a long time.  You can see it in the millions and millions of people that have donated to the campaign in a way that Newt Gingrich describes as ‘historic’.

Caroline Kennedy recognized this almost a year ago.  She wrote a great piece stating that Obama made her feel the same the way people always told her father made them feel about this country, inspired and hopeful about America.   It struck her because nobody else had ever made her feel that way about politics, read the full piece here: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/01/27/opinion/27kennedy.html

I do like Obama’s policies better than McCain’s, that is why my brain is with Obama.  My heart is with Obama because I feel with his leadership our generation has the opportunity for great things.  I would like to be a part of doing great things.

Here are some of our other great Presidents at work:


Obama- DNC

Obama- Yes We Can

JFK- Ask What You Can Do for Your Country




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3 Responses to “Why I am voting for Obama- The Potential for Greatness”

  1. Ms. Jeley
    3 November, 2008, 15:16

    Watching all of those videos definitely charges me up. I want to go out and do something good for this country. And, in my humble opinion, that is voting for Obama. Be honest with yourself if you are still thinking about voting for McCain/Palin. Do either of them make you feel like this after they speak? NO. I’m definitely not saying that is the only thing you should think about when deciding, but neither of them are inspirational. It’s just one more thing to consider prior to deciding who you want leading your country for the next four years. I’ve already voted for Obama because I believe that he can lead change . . . it may not be as much change as he speaks of, but I think he can lead us to change some of the things in our government and policies that are broken — even if it’s only a little change. A little change is still change . . . and that’s more progress than what McCain/Palin are promising.

  2. sethmissile
    3 November, 2008, 16:27

    I totally agree with Ms. Jeley. FDR, Regan, Kennedy: Screw the party they belonged to, they inspired Americans to take action. Leaders should focus on the bigger picture and hire people smarter than they are to complete the details of their vision.

    Obama definitely does that. I don’t see how people can say that about McCain. He’s way too much of an isolationist. An angry isolationist.

  3. 4 November, 2008, 9:23

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    I’ll be standing in line after work to submit my vote for Obama.

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